Wednesday, 21 March 2018

William Pike Challenge Award #1

Getting up was easy, the rush of excitement was overpowering, I was shaken awake by the adrenalin rushing through my veins. School was a blur, I remember arriving then being sorted into cars then taking the *sigh* 2-hour trip to cave stream.
When we got to the start of the cave, the sun shined onto the water causing sparkes excitement throughout the group, I dipped my foot in the "freezing" water, the cold ran up my leg forcing me to take my leg out of the drifting water. When we started to walk into the cave through the wafting water, my legs had gone numb from the cold, but that just pushed me to go further in. The water found its way up to my waist, my bottom was frozen. Halfway through the cave Our teacher aka Mr. Sinton white got us to turn off our torchs, the darkness surrounded me my insides shriveled up but later  unwound to enjoy pure darkness, the water was rushing down below the ledge I was on, the only noise that filled the cave was white rapids crashing agianst the rocks dominating wee bits of limestone, all was echo-y and peaceful, a whole 3 minutes past with me being able to think deeply about life, the sounds of water filled my ears relaxing me... then the torches turned on and we had to move on.
At one point the first obstacle appeared, gushing rapids burst down from rock that was higher up, my headlamp lit the sparkling water as I climbed the mini waterfall, walking along stumbling here and there I enjoyed the experience, at last light was able to be seen as it flooded the cave. I covered my eyes but it still glared through my dripping fingers, I climbed up the ladder to victory and let the sunshine and dry me off. driving home I thought about all the events that happened, cave stream was astounding and breathtaking he experience ripped all stress out of my head to switch my brain to caving mode, so next time I go to Christchurch I'll be prepared and complete cave stream again! 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Writing to Persuade

A referee is only human they can't see everything that goes on in a game, but sometimes the angles and timing of the referee interfere with their decision making, which can cause a disruption in the crowd. It can also lead to harsh penalties and sometimes DEATH! It’s hard being a ref so I have decided to take the disagreeing side and show you that the refs should get a little more respect.

Hi I’m Bridget and I think refs are not always right, for instance in one of the world soccer championships they shook the world, this was because of the angle of the ref, he could not see that the ball had bounced over the line and so called it a no goal.
Also in a basketball game, one of the ladies had a shot at the basket and fell over with the momentum she had. But milliseconds before she fell over, a lady from the other team went by and it looked like she had pushed her over, this led to a red card from the ref and the lady that had “pushed her”  was off for most of the game for nothing!

I’ll say that refs make a couple of faulty decisions, last season in rep hockey the ball was shot at goal, but the goalie missed it, therefore making a teammate run after it! They got there just in time to save the ball, it was an inch from being over the line but yet the ref called it a goal! This led to our team losing and we only got third in the championships.

Most people rely on refs in games but you can take part in keeping them on track. Just by sticking your hand up if there needs a whistle can help a lot. They see some things and by sticking your hand up means they pay their attention to you. If they saw what happened they may not know if they were meant to blow the whistle, just by sticking your hand up reassures them of what their job is. I have done it in club hockey and they listen, well, OK they look.

Have you ever searched world's best ref decision? Of course, you haven't you probably searched for world's worst ref decision. If you have searched up worlds best ref decision you would find it mostly comes up with the worst decisions, this is because that no one cares about the good ones! I think that refs get a lot of pressure when reffing, it means that only the best refs get to ref the world championships, the bigger the games get the higher the stakes are of making a faulty call.

So, all in all, I believe that reffing can be hard and they need more respect! I still don’t want to be a ref but I am willing to still play sports, after all, it’s just a game.... right?

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Proposed Hollyford/Haast Road

This road will make money like a person breathing the air we need this! Well get more tourists and more tourists mean money, the environment can handle it. It may be 2 billion dollars but the quicker we make it the more tourists will come and view it. And if we charge them the money we’ll get 2 billion dollars back in no time! It’s an investment we must make also if we make a road the elderly it! this project it definitely needed!

Disclaimer! This is not my view and don’t think this road should go ahead this was just a social studies project

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

rainbow warrior bombing 10 July 1985

“Get out of here squadron!!! “ I screamed at the top of my voice. Booooom! Those nasty french, they're bombing us but we won’t go down without a battle!
“OH GOD!” a bomb went off beneath my feet I was still alive and decided I needed to get outta there. I grabbed the emergency life raft and 5 others climbed in with us. I ordered an evacuation and we got off the boat. We were out at sea and finally returned home 3 days later. As I returned my wife was crying and hugged me super tight.
“I’m ok… we’ll be ok.” I whispered softly. That night the was footage of the bombing watching it flowed back memories. I lost my best friend that day, Fernando Pereira, tears dripped down my face.

2 years later a law was made. No more nuclear things in NZ!
“YAAAAAS” I yelled, my wife comes out and we celebrate with a cider each. 1995 memorial was held.  

This was a social study and I had to put myself in the shoes of one of the Greenpeace people

Monday, 16 October 2017

1981 NZ rugby rasicim

why do black people get to play!? it unfair and they probably get skills from their ancestors. I mean we don't get any tips they were the inventor of rugby they know what they can do and what not to do. so they can probably win easier! I want them to sit on the sideline so only white people play! that's fairer!  TBC

Global Warming