Tuesday, 23 May 2017

I had a run and I was puffed...

Well, today is the cross country run. I hate these runs! First I got off to a good start with Amy, and we set a good pace, We got round the first field and around the block, but when we went for another lap around the motocross field and disaster struck. Amy tripped over the log! We walked back around the field and on the last stretch, Amy ran ahead I ran and caught up with her then at the last second I stretched my arm out and I think I got 3rd equal with her but I will find out sometime. The thing is that there were only four people, so of course I got a good place.

Friday, 5 May 2017

How to survive you camp back rooms!

How to survive your camp bunk rooms.  

Step 1: Choose an order  (like oldest to youngest) someone into pick which bed you sleep in.                                

Step 2: If you have a full bedroom then con someone into going in another room.                                                                                                                   
Step 3: Keep your clothes to yourself. Your stuff is to be in your own area, also keep your Room clean.

Step 4: if you have one person that can't sleep and they do not stop talking do not talk to them.                                                                                           

Step 5: if you want to have a warm night You should shut the windows in case it rains
or in case bugs get in.      
Step 6: respect other people and their property and then you will have a fun camp.

Step 7: go to a bunk bed next to power Point. This means you can charge your Phone, iPod, etc.. and use it for a clock.                

Step 8: if you are a person that likes the light then get the bed with the window beside it.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Hi this is a DLO I made with WeVideo

Here is a link to the video, MATH DLO